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filemaker citrix xenappCitrix XenApp

Citrix XenApp is the core service that enables FileMaker to run at near LAN speeds over the Internet.

It enables virtual delivery of FileMaker from our virtual servers running within the cloud to computers and handheld devices. We considered alternatives, as XenApp is not the cheapest option to run virtual applications. However, we do believe it to be the most proven, robust, secure and fastest option of the technologies we investigated.

Its ability to deliver FileMaker to all popular mobile devices, in addition to both Macs and PCs running either Windows or Linux, is absolutely essential to our business model of offering true cross-platform solutions.

Traditionally, Citrix has firmly resided in enterprise sized organisations. It is our target to bring the many documented benefits it and FileMaker can offer to the sole trader, small and medium size companies or departments.

For further detailed information on XenApp, please follow our link to the Citrix web site here >>

filemaker citrix xenappfilemaker citrix xenapp