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Mac OS X Dos and Don'ts

Mac users have a couple of things to watch out for compared to their Windows colleagues, when running FileMaker from one of our cloud servers. These aren't major issues and are due to the flexibility that the operating system offers when managing open windows.

Very simply, we ask Mac users to try to avoid using the red close box in the top left hand corner of the Citrix Viewer (sometimes also called ICA Client or Receiver) window and to avoid using the File:Quit menu. This can leave your cloud account in a disconnected state, rather than logged off, which can result in you having to contact us to reset your server account - not always, but sometimes. It is worth waiting for an hour before contacting us, as we do configure the servers to log off disconnected accounts after an hour of inactivity.

The following video demonstrates the above in more detail:

(If you view our videos in full screen mode, please right click to select 'HD' to improve the quality)


Note - all log in details are censored in the video, these are issued to our customers.


citrix ica client