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The Cloud In Practice

Databases are shared between any location, offices, home workers, travelling employees and virtual offices nationally and internationally.

You access your databases using fully functioning copies of FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Pro Advanced from any computer, iPhone, iPad or Android device from any location that has Ethernet, WiFi or 3G Internet connectivity.

Unlike many online or cloud solutions, existing FileMaker systems can be migrated to Craft ICT's cloud servers, can continue to be used as is, and/or developed if desired. Tests have proven that our hosted copies of FileMaker run almost as fast as a copy running locally on a computer.

Computer access usually commences from your chosen web browser - Internet Explorer, Safari or Firefox.

Access from an iPhone, iPad or Android device usually begins from an app, which is normally free to download.

In all cases you are issued a simple to remember secure address, which will commence https://, which will take you to a secure Citrix log-in screen where your user name, password and server name must be entered.

Upon successful log in you'll find the FileMaker icon and, with a single click, FileMaker will launch within the Citrix client. From then on you will have a full copy of FileMaker running just as if it were running locally on your computer device.

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The above describes the day-to-day procedures. However, when you first log in from a Mac or PC you will be prompted to download and install a small browser plug-in. Once this plug has been installed there are usually very few problems, but the initial installation can give the occasional hiccough. Solving these first run problems is usually very easy, providing you know what to do, and we deal with these in our Support and FAQs section.

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