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Windows Problem Solving

We have very few problems with our Citrix XenApp solutions, but there are one or two checks or precautions that help minimise the few issues we've come across.

The problem in the following example is that after successfully logging in to the application launch page in your web browser, FileMaker does not launch after clicking on its icon, or you are prompted to download the Citrix ICA client software again.

The ActiveX Filter in Internet Explorer will prevent the Citrix ICA client from launching, hence no FileMaker. This video shows how to disable the ActiveX Filter.

(If you view our videos in full screen mode, please right click to select 'HD' to improve the quality)


If the above does not resolve the launch problem, then we suggest you follow the recommendations in the following video which takes you through uninstalling and reinstalling the Citrix XenApp client software:


Note - all-log in details are censored in the video; these are issued to our customers.

The above assumes that the computer being used has already followed the procedures from Windows First Access or Windows Daily Access.


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