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filemaker rackspaceHyve Managed Hosting

Our initial tests for running FileMaker in the cloud in 2011 were carried out using the Amazon Web Services Elastic Compute Cloud (AWS EC2), which were very, very successful. We still utilise AWS when we need a server for a short period for testing purposes.

Although we were pleased with the flexibility and performance of the AWS service, we were looking for more of a partnership and, even more importantly, some actual human beings we could talk to in the event of a query or problem. For some years Rackspace were our chosen supplier, but in 2015 we moved to Hyve Managed Hosting.

Although we had no real complaints against Rackspace, we found that as they grew they became less personal, whereas Hyve provide the level of support that we wish for our customers.

Hyve also provide an infrastructure more suited to our application requirements. Although the speed of remote access is dictated by the Internet connection to the infrastructure supplier, it is the internal network speed that dictates how fast our Citrix FileMaker servers can communicate with our FileMaker Pro servers.

In April 2015 we ran our benchmark speed tests on our FileMaker servers running within the Hyve and Rackspace infrastructures. These same tests were repeated in February 2016 running within the Hyve and Amazon Web Services EC2 infrastructures. In both cases, we found that the Hyve internal infrastructure could perform up to twice as fast as the servers running within either Rackspace or AWS EC2.

Currently, all of our client facing virtual servers are hosted by Hyve. We do not run extremely large servers; we run multiple instances of virtual servers to keep our user-to-server ratio low and reduce the risk of single point of failure. However, we can also start with a minimum specification when we create a new server and then expand this as the number of users grow.

For more information about Hyve, please follow our link to their web site here >>

filemaker rackspace