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SaleFaith Cases - Cloud-Based Case Management

SaleFaith Cases provides communication and document management control for 'cases' where multiple organisations or contacts are involved, such as legal cases or any process where groups of people need to linked to a single project.

Quotations and invoicing modules allow for billing of services and, as per all SaleFaith products, the system can be customised to different organisation's requirements.

Included within the system:

Cases containing multiple contacts links
Cases related To Dos
Document storage
Document creation using templates in Microsoft Word
Billing/Services Rates
Meeting records

The above comes with the standard SaleFaith CRM features such as:

Contact management for groups and individuals
Marketing campaigns and mailing list generation
Individual and group To Do system
Personal organisation dashboard
Internal email system
Telephone notes
Human Resources
Communications history
Central Configuration
Intelligent Navigation System

While a dedicated SaleFaith web site is being built, a video overview of the SaleFaith products can be viewed here cloud case management


cloud case managementcloud case management