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sophos anti virusSophos Anti Virus

We are totally biased towards Sophos Anti Virus! We've been partners with them for years, primarily because they were the first anti-virus supplier we found that fitted Craft ICT's strict cross-platform ethos, where software must run on both Macs and Windows.

We have been running Sophos Anti Virus on combined Mac and Windows networks for years. It runs quietly in the background and the only time you know it is there is when it reports that it has dealt with a threat. It is so unlike many anti-virus applications that continually make their presence felt and often prevent the computer operator from doing what they actually want to do.

When we started moving our customers' FileMaker databases to our cloud based virtual servers, there was never any doubt that we'd protect these using Sophos.

For more information about Sophos products, please follow our link to the Sophos web site here >>